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Syllabi on Moodle

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Syllabi on Moodle
by Georgi Samaras - Wednesday, 10 June 2015, 2:12 PM
MacMurray students and faculty can now access a newly-created database of course syllabi right here on Moodle.  The database is fully searchable and contains current syllabi as well as those from the most recent academic year (as of this posting, it goes back as far as Fall 2014).

The database is available under the "Moodle @ Mac" menu in the Navigation block to the left on every page as well as under the "Course Information" menu at the top of every page.

Instructors: want your syllabus to appear in the database?  Send it to syllabus(at)mac(dot)edu, and we'll get it posted.

Looking for a syllabus not posted?  Send all syllabus requests and questions to syllabus(at)mac(dot)edu.